About Malcolm Allen

Malcolm Allen is the quintessential social innovator and one of the foremost thinkers of today. An author, filmmaker, humanitarian and sailor, he is one of the rare creatives who manages to align his business sense and social awareness with his artistic pursuits. To learn more about the companies mentioned in our video: Pearson (GraduateAmerica.org) Master Card Merchant Services (MyCEO.net), CGI (no longer a member)

a highly sought after strategist with exceptional business instincts…


Allen is known as a multifaceted visionary who is able to translate difficult story-lines into engaging films.
To learn more about the companies represented in the promo video: Pearson (GraduateAmerica.org) Master Card Merchant Services (MyCEO.net), CGI (no longer a member)

The Veteran

Much of his creativity and social alliances are fueled by his own personal experiences. Allen voluntarily enlisted in the U.S. Navy during Operation Desert Storm. He went on to serve during Operation Restore Hope, Operation Quick Draw in Mogadishu, Somalia. While off the coast of Mombasa, he participated in Operation Distant Runner at the border of Rwanda and Burundi.

After earning his Surface Warfare Insignia as an E2, Allen’s dedication and work ethics were acknowledged by Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Shalikashvili and Rear Admiral James B. Perkins III. He was later honored as “Sailor of the Quarter” for both USS Peleliu and COMPHIBGRUP THREE, an honor that has yet to be matched by anyone else to this day. These experiences have helped to shape Allen into who he is today as an entrepreneur, artist and as a person.

Social Innovator

Working up close and personally with people in impoverished, war-ravaged villages, Allen became inspired to give back on new and higher level. He travels internationally speaking on sustainable solutions for economic development, entrepreneurship, and hope.  He is on a mission to eradicate poverty by equipping people with the knowledge they need to build businesses, become self-sufficient and stake their claim in the new American Dream.

If you continue to execute, you will succeed!


Malcolm Allen lives by the motto “Greatness Awaits” as an EOY World Records holder whose entrepreneurial activities for social innovation have earned him a renowned reputation as an expert on human potential, best-selling author and filmmaker, Malcolm Allen is one of today’s most accomplished “Generation X” entrepreneurs and success strategy consultants, sought after by celebrities and corporate executives.