The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has not only given us the boon of Microsoft but has also given us plenty of life lessons through which we can achieve success. Here are the top life lessons given by Bill Gates at a high school which we can emulate in our life to be an achiever.

1. The first rule given by Bill Gates is that we must accept that life is not fair and get used to it. Life cannot always give us what we want immediately but we should not lose hope. We should try even harder without allowing the obstacles to paralyze us.

2. Bill Gates said that the world is least bothered about your self-esteem. So instead of any useless show off, we should only focus on turning our dreams into reality.

3. Bill Gates said that we cannot become rich or successful overnight, after passing out of high school or completing graduation. So we must be patient and take small steps towards our dreams. With perseverance and hard work, success is bound to greet us. There can be no possible shortcut to success.

4. Bill Gates said that if we want to have luck, we must grab every opportunity. This is the secret of luck. If we grab every opportunity and make use of it, then we will surely be able to taste success.

5. Bill Gates said that we must not blame others for our mistake. If we want success, we have to admit our own mistakes and then learn from it. The only failure in life is when we don’t learn from a mistake and repeat them again.

6. Bill Gates said that we must learn to make the right choices in our life as life seldom gives any second chances. Thus, it is important to make the right goals and to follow them sincerely.

7. Bill Gates said that unlike college, life does not have off days and semesters. Every day, we need to work hard. There is no vacation in life when we can grow and discover ourselves. Thus, it is essential to be aware of every moment and to keep track of what we want to do in life.

8. Bill Gates said that in order to be successful, we need to be realistic. We cannot dwell in fiction. Although television is nice and entertaining, it is better to stay away from it so that we can focus on your goals.

These life transforming lessons are simple but they can make a huge difference to our lives if we follow them

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