Jack Welch is the former chairman and CEO of GE. He is known as a great business leader. His leadership has helped GE to evolve into the most competitive enterprise. We can learn some wonderful lessons on leadership from the life of Jack Welch. Here’s looking at the ideas of Jack Welch that can help us to achieve success in life:

1. Jack Welch always believed to lead and not to manage. According to Welch, the term “managing” meant controlling people. He wanted to lead and energize people about their work. He knew that what can be achieved by inspiring people cannot be achieved by controlling them. He believed in involving everyone so that great ideas can be generated which would ultimately result in the success of the company.

2. Jack Welch always believed in not being too much formal. According to him, a little informality helps people to come up with more ideas. By brainstorming with his colleagues and by holding plenty of informal meetings, Welch managed to keep a less formal ambiance in GE which ultimate contributed to its success.

3. Jack Welch always believed in banning bureaucracy. According to him, bureaucracy destroys an organization totally by slowing the process of decision-making. It also demands plenty of unnecessary approvals and procedures which stunt the growth of a company. Therefore, Jack Welch had always kept GE free from bureaucracy.

4. Jack Welch believed in facing the reality instead of assuming. When Welch joined GE, he saw that the company which was assumed to be in a great position was actually on the verge of drowning. So, instead of feeding himself with any false assumptions, Welch accepted the reality and started working at the company. He looked at the company and the problems with a fresh eye. That played a major role in his success.

5. Jack Welch believed in simplifying things. When he joined GE, his focus was in de-complicating the problems that the company was facing. Without too much complexity, business becomes simple and exciting. He simplified the meetings and workplace to achieve his goal.

6. Jack Welch believed that change is a beautiful opportunity and not a threat. After joining GE, Welch incorporated many changes. Those changes were needed to make GE a competitive and flexible organization. He prepared the other members of GE for the changes by explaining to them that the changes do not impose any threat to the organization.

These simple 6 ideals of Jack Welch changed the fate of GE completely. If you follow his ideals, you will also be able to taste tremendous success in your business.

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