Li Ka Shing is known as Asia’s richest man. He is a business tycoon of Hong Kong and despite being a college dropout, he has made himself a billionaire. Here are some of the important life lessons and business lessons that are responsible for his mammoth success.

1. Li Ka Shing believed that challenges and difficulties shape our destiny. His job in the plastics industry was extremely difficult but he was well aware that the prospects of this industry were rewarding and better. Therefore, he took the job in the plastics industry and learned everything about the business of plastics including market, sales and technology. Later, he told his boss that he wanted to start his own business.

2. Li Ka Shing said that it is very important to maintain stability while we move forward and at the same time, it is vital to move forward while maintaining stability. This principle of Shing helped him to achieve so much success.

3. Li Ka Shing said that it is mandatory to prepare oneself for the worst. This prevents greater losses in the long-run. When a person is prepared, he doesn’t worry too much. This has always been his policy and is responsible for his success.

4. Li Ka Shing believed that it is important to have a broad and clear vision to achieve success. Vision is a great strength which helps us to give shape to the uncertain and unknown. It helps to see the future and work according to that.

5. Li Ka Shing believed that we are the masters of our own fates. He said that when a person gives his very best in everything he does and constantly tries to improve himself, then it is possible to attain everything that he thought was impossible.

6. Li Ka Shing said that if we want a business to prosper, we must take special care to satisfy the customers. If we are loyal and good to the customers, the reputation of the company would be built. Reputation is integral for a company’s success.

7. Li Ka Shing believed that it is very important to grab every opportunity that life presents to us. Opportunity knocks on the door once and an intelligent person must take advantage of every opportunity. Shing said that if a person is lazy, then he is more likely to let the opportunity pass by. Shing has always kept himself alert to his surroundings so that he never misses an opportunity.

These 7 lessons that we get to learn from Li Ka Shing can help us to achieve tremendous success in our lives.