Rupert Murdoch who is known as the global media Mogul can teach the several ambitious upstarts some valuable lessons in building a fortune and gaining tremendous success. From the book called “Inside Rupert’s Brain” authored by Paul R. La Monica, we get to learn about the strategies of Murdoch which helped him to gain the mammoth success. This book is the biography of Rupert Murdoch. Here’s looking at the valuable things that one can learn from him:

1. Rupert Murdoch had always used controversy as an effective tool for viral marketing. With the advent of internet, a controversy is generated very rapidly and is then spread virally within a few minutes all over the web. Murdoch uses this controversy very effectively to gain success in his business.

2. Rupert Murdoch believes in buying what he is unable to create. Murdoch had bought The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones because he knew that he couldn’t create such great brand names within a short span of time.

3. Rupert Murdoch was a risk taker and his risks are the reason behind his success. Murdoch took such risks that frightened normal people. He had once even risked losing the name and reputation of his company. He failed in some of the risks but mostly gained success out of them. From the life of Rupert Murdoch, we get to learn that unless and until we dare to take risks, we cannot be successful.

4. Rupert Murdoch made his assets work collectively for him. Murdoch had a full planned vision behind buying things. He wanted every asset of his to interact with the other features of his business. He had done plenty of cross-promotions throughout various properties of NewCorp. This strategy has given him the tremendous success that others could only dream of.

5. Rupert Murdoch believed that having an ego is good for his success. Murdoch followed certain work ethics sincerely. He believed that laziness can never make one a successful Mogul. Therefore, he was extremely hard working. He also believed that there is nothing wrong with having an ego if a person is very ambitious. Every ambitious person gets a certain pleasure when his name is mentioned everywhere around him. Murdoch believed that wanting that limelight and gaining pleasure out of it is perfectly alright. In fact he believed that this quality often led to one’s success.

These five things should be memorized by anyone who wants to follow the footprints of Rupert Murdoch in achieving success.

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