1. An Economy of

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    CEO.OLOGY offers workshops tailored to your exact requirements.
    The following types of workshops can be supplied at short notice:
    – Reduce & Combat Recidivism
    – Build New Businesses
    – Prevent Teen Pregnancy
    – Create New Jobs
    – Eradicate Poverty

  2. Careers in STEM:
    Things your teacher never told you

    If science and math appear as bugbears to your kids (like they did to us!), here is some good news. Kindling an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) can lead to successful careers and help bridge the ever widening tech skills gap that’s eating into the American economy. What’s more, tech careers are rewarding and pay more, as this seminar will reveal.
    The traditional dry approach in these disciplines often hides tremendous opportunities for kids towards a brighter future. Through live talks, discussion and interaction, this seminar will reveal the most up-to-date picture of working in the fastest developing fields in the 21st century.
    The STEM seminar is part of a larger initiative by Inner City Economics, which will also hold a workshop for 20 city students where they will also learn to, hold your breath, hack a drone! Yes, it’s all part of the game.
    The seminar is open to students from all backgrounds, parents, teachers, career advisors and public at large.

    You will learn
    – What STEM careers are all about
    – Why you should take an active interested in STEM areas
    – What your kids can gaining the long term
    – How you can contribute to tomorrow’s new economy

  3. Continuing education:
    How to get yourself out of the rut

    Inner City Economics is pleased to present its brand new seminar on continuing education. The pressures of the new workplace and the view of things to come need not be painted in black. As this seminar will reveal, a smart move to update your skills or become adept at new tasks can bail you out of tricky situations and aid your career growth.
    No industry or occupation today is immune to the widespread changes that new technologies and competition have ushered in.The seminar is focused on new areas where skills are most needed in today’s workplace, and how to quickly advance towards making yourself invaluable to your organization. It will also show where you need to invest your time and money to get the maximum advantage. We welcome professionals and aspirants from all walks of life.

    You will learn
    – Why you should invest in upgrading your skills
    – How to bring yourself up to speed in your chosen area
    – Training and courses available in your field
    – Latest trends in today’s economy

  4. Diabetes:
    How not to lose your fight

    Diabetes is one of the top ten leading causes of death in the US. It can be debilitating, frustrating and make a dent in your daily productivity. But the fight need not be lost. This new seminar from Inner City Economics shines a new light on how simple activities can bring about positive changes and give you a stronger grip on your daily routines.
    Through lively discussions, presentations and talks, the seminar will bring you the latest in diabetes prevention and lifestyle changes that have shown positive results.The seminar is part of a larger initiative by Inner City Economics, which has also launched a mobile app and video series that help tackle the illness and promote overall wellbeing.

    You will learn
    – What to do when you learn you have diabetes
    – The what and how’s of tackling diabetes
    – Recent news and developments onliving healthier lives
    – How to use the mobile app and videos developed by Inner City Economics

  5. Domestic Violence:
    Help is never too far away

    Ever nine seconds a woman faces some form of physical or psychological abuse from their intimate partner. Surprisingly, it can strike you anywhere – at home, at public places, even when you are in the company of trusted friends.
    We know the situation is endemic. Yet, we are also aware that abuse from intimate partners is preventable if only the right steps are taken. This seminar will show you how.
    Inner City Economics has launched a new program against domestic violence that works in association with local courts and university and faith-based organizations around the world. If you have been a past victim, consider yourself vulnerable, or wish to help someone, we welcome you to attend the seminar,

    You will learn
    – How, where and why domestic abuse happens
    – Steps to undertake to protect your emotional and physical well being
    – Where to seek help

  6. Dropout Prevention:
    Taking the ‘U’ turn back to the lecture hall

    From not liking school to missing out on too many lectures, there are causes aplenty that have kept dropout rates healthy. Whether it is out of need, negative social factors, or sheer lack of guidance, not completing school or college can alter the course of lives, sometimes in undesirable directions.
    This seminar has been organized by Inner City Economics as part of its wider aim to solve some of the pressing socio-economic issues afflicting the world. If you are concerned about you or your kids not being able to complete their education, we welcome you to attend the seminar and explore various options and strategies that are available.

    You will learn
    – The wider scenario of dropouts in schools and colleges
    – How dropping out affects lives and careers
    – Preventive measures
    – Where to seek help

  7. Fatherhood:
    Reclaiming your fatherhood back from the shelf

    As part of its new initiative to help estranged or incarcerated fathers reconnect with their kids, Inner City Economics will hold a seminar that promises to be a game changer. The initiative will reinforce a simple truth – that responsibility has no shelf life.
    The initiative also comprises the launch of a new book, ‘Fatherhood is the New Rich’ and a new mobile app designed especially with your needs in mind. The seminar will also expose participants to new ways of envisioning their relationships and the various options available through local courts.

    You will learn
    – Why it is great to rekindle lost connections
    – The multiple benefits of finding your way back
    – How to use the new mobile app for reconnecting and accessing resources and support
    – Alternatives available to incarceration via local courts

  8. Financial Literacy:
    Must-know financial skills to stay afloat and succeed

    Financial emergencies can strike anyone, anytime. And all you need to do to be more prepared is to have the time or inclination to add daily expenses or budget for the shopping season. Managing finances is one of the core skills without which finding success in business or personal life can get more than a tad difficult.
    Here is how you can easily prevent that burning hole in your pocket.The new financial literacy seminar by Inner City Economics will show how doing a few simple sums can save you many dollars and more. The program is aimed at inner city communities, and features a new website (www.blackdollar.com) and a mobile app providing access to various online courses.

    You will learn
    – What makes financial literacy important today
    – How financial planning can help meet the daily rigors and life emergencies
    – All you need to know about investments and money management
    – How to use the new mobile app and website to gain a financial edge

  9. Heart Disease:
    The heart of the matter

    It’s the leading cause of death in the US, and Afro-American men are more likely to succumb to it. Caring for the heart was never asimportant as it is in today’s stressful environment. While the causes are many, remedies too are within easy reach, as this seminar will reveal.
    A part of the new health initiative by Inner City Economics, the seminar will take participants to greater levels of awareness about the various factors that adversely affect a healthy heart. Among other things, participants will understand the steps to be taken to lead healthier lives and prevent future ailments.

    You will learn
    – The risks and factors known to affect healthy hearts
    – Preventive measures that are known to prolong life and health
    – The latest news and information from the fields of health and wellness
    – How the new My Cardio app can help beat heart illnesses
    – New online courses to bring you up to speed on living healthier lives

  10. Homelessness:
    The way towards home

    Far away from 2008, there are still many a head without a permanent roof. Homelessness is too generic a term to describe the many forms of being left out in the cold. This new seminar by Inner City Economics will shed new light on the ways and means by which you can recover your personal space.
    The seminar is part of a wider initiative which comprises access to an online course and over 100 lenders willing to service mortgages. The seminar is open to everyone who needs immediate help or has someone to take care of.

    You will learn
    – How to tackle your present situation
    – How being homeless affects people in various ways
    – Ways that lead to a permanent home
    – Access to an online course and lenders willing to help

  11. Workforce Development:
    Gearing up for the new workplace

    Today’s workforce faces a predicament that earlier generations did not – how to update their resume with skills that are high in demand?Post recession, the high point in every business conversation is about cost reduction and increasing productivity. This is a sign for every worker and professional to invest and get ready for tomorrow’s new requirements, or face the inevitable.
    Organized by Inner City Economics, this seminar will expose participants to the changing economic environment. They will learn to place their skills in a new business environment where past practices no longer work as they did. As a heads up, participants – students, workers and business owners – will also get a flavor of changes in business and technologies that are just round the corner.

    You will learn
    – Why old business skills are no longer relevant
    – The benefits of adopting new ways of working
    – The pay off when they invest in updating their skills
    – Avenues and platforms available for change

  12. Mentoring:
    The ideal mentor

    The times are changing, and chances are kids and students may not find it easy to work out an easy way to success. Having a professional mentor is known to increase their likelihood of avoiding mistakes, give them different perspectives while facing challenges, and instill greater confidence.
    The seminar is part of the predictive mentoring program by Inner City Economics and intended for youth in ages 13-17. The program matches teens with mentors who hold a suitable experience in the given areas of struggle. Over 100 mentors have signed up for the community initiative within 72 hours of its launch.

    You will learn
    – Why having a mentor makes a difference
    – What to look out for in mentors and other basics
    – What to expect from a mentor
    – Gain access to over 100 mentors participating in the program

  13. Poverty Eradication:
    From thought to action

    The modern cities flash two realities before our eyes everyday – abundant wealth and struggle for daily livelihood.Creator of new hurdles and a barrier itself, poverty can afflict anyone regardless of age, gender and occupation. This seminar will examine some of the major causes of what makes people lose wealth or succumb to debt, and will explore various methods and avenues for amelioration.
    The seminar is part of a wider National Poverty Eradication initiative by Inner City Economics, a leading 501c3 based organization that offers solutions to solve some of the world’s most perplexing problems.

    You will learn
    – Why people fall into poverty
    – The wider poverty scenario in the country
    – What immediate steps you can take to improve your finances
    – How online courses can help
    – Taking help from a new book on poverty elimination

  14. Recidivism:
    Breaking the chain of crime

    The new recidivism program by Inner City Economics is all about breaking the chain of offence as early as possible. Whether it’s a first time offender or someone with a history, there is no reason for hold back help when it can save a life.
    The seminar will focus on the causes that make offenders go back to a life of crime, and offer helpful advice and support on what to do next. The wider program will also help incarcerated individuals with finding employment, housing and acquire skills that can bring them back to leading fruitful lives.

    You will learn
    – The context in which repeated offences happen
    – When and where to seek help
    – Avenues and platforms to approach
    – Using a new online course and book from Inner City Economics

  15. Single Parenting:
    Discovering the real mom and dad in you

    Single parenthood can be both rewarding and exhausting in many ways. From emotional support to parenting skills and financial help, single parents look out for help on many fronts. This seminar will bring together expert advice to help overcome the rigors and reap benefits that come with raising a family on a single shoulder.
    As a newly evolving institution, single parenting still has a long way to go. Single moms and dads attending this seminar will see their situation from new perspectives, gain deeper insights, network with other single parents, and gain access to a new online resource and a book on single parenthood.

    You will learn
    – How to cope with emotional highs and lows
    – Get your finances in order
    – The finer nuances of being a single parent and role model
    – How to deal with emergencies
    – Support avenues and resources for receiving further help

  16. Business development:
    The easy ways of doing tough things

    Whether you are starting, growing or expanding your business, there is always a hard way and an easy way of doing things. This seminar has been designed to provide you with insights, strategies and methods that will make you overcome challenges in the course of the day.
    Organized by Inner City Economics, the seminar is a great opportunity to quickly refresh your knowledge, get up to speed with what’s happening today, and what you need to do to achieve a pole position. The seminar covers all major areas, from sales and marketing to credit avenues, operations, HR, administration and logistics.

    You will learn
    – The various approaches to business development
    – What works and what doesn’t when it comes to business growth
    – Where to look for credit
    – The returns on investing in the right approaches to growth

  17. Elderly technology &enrichment:
    The new ways of growing old

    Lack of activity, boredom and inability to access modern means of recreation and networking are some common concerns when it comes to healthy living for the elderly. In the age of technological change, this need no longer be so. This seminar is focused on how the elderly can access easily reachable technology to live an enriched life.
    Organized by Inner City Economics, an organization devoted to solving today’s real issues, the seminar will touch upon various modes of life enrichment made possible by technology for the elderly, such as networking, social activity enhancement, recreational videos and entertainment platforms, cultivation of new hobbies, etc.

    You will learn
    – Insights into elderly needs
    – New technologies available for the elderly for assistance and adaptation
    – How to make the best of available technology
    – Access to further resources

  18. Teen pregnancy:
    Waiting for the right time

    Inner City Economics is pleased to announce its new seminar on combating teenage pregnancy in inner city communities. Although teen pregnancy rates have shown a decline, this has not been the case in inner city areas. A lack of mentoring and adequate awareness is sorely missing. This seminar will bring the focus back on reducing incidences of pregnancy among the teens.
    The participants – teenagers and parents alike – will learn the various consequences of early pregnancy through talks, discussion and presentation. The will also get an opportunity to network and clear their concerns, and get practical help on accessing resources and avenues dealing with various aspects of teenage pregnancy.

    You will learn
    – The wider scenario of teenage pregnancy
    – Making the right decisions for contraception
    – How to approach support and counseling services
    – Medical and legal aspects of abortion and child birth
    – What to do in case of need

  19. Veterans:
    Equipping for the new battle with the new economy

    They did their service for the country. Now it’s time we paid back with gratitude, and timely help. This new seminar by Inner City Economics focuses on a need long felt but never adequately addressed. The changing business environment has made many old skills irrelevant, and presents a different set of workplace expectations. Veterans possess an immensely valuable set of experiences, but also need to prepare well for the next job.
    The seminar, part of a wider initiative to train veterans, will explore in detail the changing workplace dynamics and how veterans can be ready for their future assignments.

    You will learn
    – The new skills in demand today
    – How to assess and adopt the right skills
    – Where to go for training
    – Access to available avenues and platforms

  20. Voter registration:
    Before you cast your first vote…

    The political battle zones are hot, and few are looking at the noobies. If you are preparing to cast your first vote, this seminar will prime you to take on your first democratic right with ease. Whether it is voter registration or the intricacies of the election process, the seminar will separate the right from the rest.
    Organized by Inner City Economics, don’t miss out on this unique and fun event to get free help on everything you may want to know about casting your first vote.

    You will learn
    – The voter registration process
    – How the election process works
    – Where to seek further information
    – Other free workshops and online courses from Inner City Economics

  21. Welfare to

    State welfare programs form a timely assistance mechanism for women in need of support. However, they should not be seen as the first and last resort. Inner City Economics has launched a new initiative to help women overcome their dependencies on welfare programs and become successful business owners.
    The seminar will expose participants to the basics of business, credit, and how to go about launching their own start-ups. They will also get access to a 3-day certificate course on business basics and funding facilities.

    You will learn
    – The pros and cons of welfare programs
    – Alternatives to welfare programs
    – The benefits of becoming independent entrepreneurs
    – What it takes to start a business
    – Support and resources available through Inner City Economics